The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world, producing about 92 million tons of waste per year.  Most of this is from unused material scrap, but a lot of big brands were also recently called out for incinerating unsold clothing.  In addition to clothes being cheaply made and sold and thus discarded at a rapid rate, we need to start rethinking about the things we buy and that which it supports.  

My new collection of deconstructed menswear uses no new fabric in it's production.  Each piece has its own story and is unique.  The tops are cropped and arms shortened to wear as a light jacket or top with high waisted pants or to break up the volume of a dress.  The tunics are meant to be worn either alone or as a chore coat. With these tunics, I took the arms off and turned them into the pockets of the tunics, because EVERYBODY loves pockets.  They also make great bathing suit cover-ups. 

Each piece in this collection is lovingly chosen, washed, redesigned and sewed in my studio in Denver.  

Support a local designer who designs, sources and makes locally.  Also, if you have a piece you love, keep it well loved through tailoring! Here's some tailors in the Denver area that are great: