Rivka is my Hebrew name and represents a strong woman.

The name was forged from history, as so many names are.  My dad, born in New York, grew up in a Jewish family.  Art was his path and after going to Alfred for ceramics, he moved to Denver to teach at the University of Denver, where he met my mom.  Born in California, my mom also leaned into art through stones and moved to Denver to pursue metalsmithing.  In Denver, my parents forged a life of making art, gardening, and cooking, in a house built by dad. Growing up, the creative life was a natural one for me.    


My cool mom and dad

* my parents in the 80's at Christmas time. 

I always loved making art, from an early age my hands were my heart.  I studied printmaking in college, which lent itself to an interest in textiles, and eventually fashion.  I moved to New York and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to learn how to make clothes. 

I love the process of making clothing, dyeing fabrics, designing, constructing. I love dissecting clothing, putting it back together in a more playful and defiant way.  I love finding a discarded gem, unearthing the story within that piece of clothing, and expanding that history through a new lens.

Whether an original piece, or a transformation, all the garments I create have a story.  A collaboration we're all a part of, because I truly believe in a  responsible fashion industry where everyone is considered. 


* me, smirking in my studio, wearing an alligator on a chain, a collaboration of my mom and dad from 1989. Paired as always, with my evil eye.