On Being an Artist

*Louis Fratino, Dining Table Studio, 2022

This is my new blog.  In it I will get real with you about the fashion industry and my thoughts on it.  But also about art in general, life specifically, and my perspective within it. I hope it becomes a place you look forward to coming to.  I really do love writing, so thank you for being here.  

Secondly, all 5 letter words will be highlighted in orange.  If you've discovered wordl in the last few years you're welcome.  If not, disregard.

This post is about being an artist.  And it really hits home for me.  I recently read an article in the New York Times style magazine (T) about how being an artist is something that is so complex and layered.  You never just get home from work.  You sit with it, it takes over completely at times, it permeates your very being.  In the article, Ligaya Mishan talks about the development of "the allure" of an artist.  How back in the early days in Europe, artists were considered artisans, specialists in their craft.  Much like a doctor or blacksmith.  Then over the years, romanticism has replaced the notion of craftsmanship. The collective fantasy of being an artist thus ensues.

The only perspective I can offer is my own.  Clawing at the fringes of society to unleash my art.  Being the weirdo and refusing to compromise.  Rejecting a "normal job" to pursue my passion, barely (previously) breaking even.  My therapist would love this post, she is always urging me to call myself an artist. I would tiptoe around the word, calling myself a seamstress, a designer, even a creative person but an  ARTIST? nope. 

"What defines
an artist may be
not so much
the snatching at
eternity as
the tinkering, 
the grubbing in
the dirt, the quiet
attention to
the most
ordinary and


I have been rereading Julie Cameron's The Artist's Way, doing the exercises, diving deep into why I limit myself.  It's a slow process, but I can finally, without a twinge afterword, say that I am one.  An Artist.  

I am an artist. 

I guess the main reason I wanted to write this post is for the entrepreneurs in my life.  Because you are ALL artists.  The ones who work for themselves, to create something new for the world.  They believe in it so much that they put their entire being into it.  I just went through a wonderful business class with these very people.  I want to remind you to take care of YOU.  You are the CEO, the Designer, the Director the ARTIST, and without your creations we would be sorely lacking.  So thank you and get some rest and vacation and replenishment. Then build your schedule around that.  For tips on how, here's Julia Cameron. 

And one more quote from T.

"Art makes an argument for creation, for struggle, as an end in itself. The artist strives not to collect the most toys, rack up virtual kills or race to the jackpot square but simply to be in the game, map its corners, make time stretch- and maybe figure out a way to hack this world, change the rules and free us all. For victory is just a blip. The best games never end."

The best games never end.  

Cheers artists, now lets get in formation. -B