The fashion industry is responsible for 92 million tons of waste each year. A lot of that comes from off-cuts from the production process, incineration of unsold product, as well as the disposal of pieces that don't meet the criteria of the brand.  That is a lot of waste and absolutely unnecessary. 

This is why circular design is such a huge part of what I do.  By designing from discarded pieces, I am contributing NO NEW WASTE to the most wasteful industry on the planet. 



Fashion Revolution founder and creative director Orsola de Castro told Fashion United that “we need to stop calling it waste and start seeing it for what it isa resource.” Discarded materials and textiles in whatever form have value and can be reused, recycled or even “upcycled” into something entirely new.  So there you have it.  Shop my collection to both make a difference and be cute as hell.